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Original works written and performed by Elizabeth May.


Equal parts 90's pop music video, horny TED talk, and honest confession, Zodiac Math is an evening of intimate storytelling, scored by anachronistic alt-pop. In her signature solo production, Elizabeth May is bright, vulnerable, and always searching for the missing half of a broken heart best friend necklace. May sings a millennial’s siren song, performing original electronic and acoustic music. Driven by family folklore of a childhood death curse, May explores questions of sexual identity and twin magic. She lays herself bare in a dark comedic ritual that transforms the audience into her imaginary friends. Because, like, what is reality anyway?


The moon is in love with the sun, but the sun burns only for the earth. The moon’s unrequited love has turned into bitterness. Now every Saros Cycle, as the Sacred Saint of Scorned Women, the envious moon blots out the sun so that her earthbound disciples may secretly take revenge on the lovers who have wronged them. Elizabeth May's original operetta, takes inspiration from Greek tragedy, solar eclipse myths, and lunar superstitions from around the world. Vengeful Moon revels in a dark ritualistic realm, where the universe is peppered with wrathful gods, desire is steeped in magic, and vengeance is a virtue.


Elizabeth May's original folk musical, Old Souls, uses her true family history as a lens through which to explore female burden, survivor's guilt, and the stains of childhood death. May leads a band of five actor-musicians who conjure the ghosts of her dead relatives for an other worldly reckoning. Together they raise their voices to ask, why do some people die, why do some people live, and why do some people feel caught some place in between?



Let's all be the people we pretend to be in our bedrooms.


Elizabeth May (EMay) is a playwright, musician, and performer based in Brooklyn, New York. Original works include, Zodiac Math, recently seen at Cloud City, Vengeful Moon, a song cycle of love and revenge written for the solar eclipse as a part of Tapp’s Art Center’s ECLIPSEploitation Event, Old Souls, an original folk musical, performed in residence at The Barn Arts Collective, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn Presents: Missionary Style for The Upright Citizens Brigade, and Trojan Women for The New Collectives (Song Writer/Music Director). Other performing credits include, The Edge of Glory for Lady Gaga and Google Chrome, Stop the Virgens at St. Ann’s Warehouse, The Rocky Horror Show and The Traveling Musicians for The Barn Arts Collective, Sarah Flood in Salem, Mass., #serials, and Mary-Kate Olsen is in Love for The Flea Theatre, At The Rich Relatives for Target Margin, and TL;DR as a part of Prelude Fest and The North West New Works Festival. Her band is called Pollens. Follow them on their website, and @pollensband on instagram. 


In March 2018, Elizabeth will be an artist in residence with The New Collectives hosted by IRT Theater. Her band, Pollens, recently released an EP, Mister Manufacture. They are currently booking a tour across the north east. Listen and learn more here.


Pollens is a noisy two piece making weird dance-able pop music. What does that sound like? “Pollens make lots of lists. Lists of things that kids might do. Sounds that animals make. Weird things to not believe in. Answering machine messages. The benefits of being invisible. Warning signs before kissing. Things I tell my friends. Promises I make. Things the cards say. Shifts in my behavior when I like someone. Kinds of tourists on the train. Things men say. Lovesickness and homesickness. Cats and witches. Problems with having a body. Real life and the internet.” More at

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